Iran objects to Cumber: Not Dhimmi Enough!

H/T Payvand’s Iran News

Cumber met with OIC a week ago and got his marching orders from OIC Secretary Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu : “World Muslims expect the US to depict the real image of Islam in the American society.”

Bush has impossibly tasked Cumber to show what a friendly free place the U.S. is for Muslims; but the OIC’s goal is to make the U.S. an Islamic state, not to support freedom. Bush and Cumber’s naivete, ingenuousness, and fecklessness know no bounds.

Here is Mr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu on the left, in an earlier meeting with his favorite OIC colleague from Iran:


Of course there’s a trade-off for letting Cumber sit on the sidelines while the OIC grown-ups make the decisions. Ihsanoglu has given him his homework – to make sure the U.S. depicts the “real” image of Islam in American society.

“Real” image of Islam for the OIC means simply this – any criticism of Islam, or of sharia law, or of Islamic states is not permitted and is not the “real” image of Islam – it’s Islamophobic, and the OIC has called for “deterrent punishments” for the dreaded Islamophobia (“worst kind of terrorism” according to the OIC).

Cumber’s “Special Envoy” job at the OIC is a farce populated by blind men. Bush is trying to be a dhimmi on the cheap, without having to pay the full price. Either submit fully as demanded below by the Iranians, and go full bore with the new Islamic States of North America, or resist already. This dithering farce with Cumber is doomed to failure, and in short order too, and rightly so.

Iran criticizes US intervention in OIC affairs

Riyadh, March 6, IRNA – Iran’s Ambassador to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Mostafa Boroujerdi said on Thursday that appointment of US special envoy to OIC Sada Cumber ran counter to governing rules and regulations of OIC.

The US is not a permanent member or an observer at the OIC, therefore, its presence in the body among 57 Islamic countries has no justification and violates the OIC rules and regulations.

Every Islamic country should pass a long legal process and formalities to become an observer member but the US has made no efforts to this end, he said.

The US seeks to correct its tarnished image among Muslims specially after the September 11 events which led to their attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq , he said.

The new US envoy at OIC met on Wednesday with OIC Secretary Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu to outline his programs.

In the meeting, Ihsanoglu said world Muslims expect the US to depict the real image of Islam in the American society.


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