Cumber in Dakar on March 13-14: Will He Protest the OIC Plans for Imposing “Islamophobia” Punishments?

Cumber goes to Dakar on March 13-14. He’s your “Special Envoy,” America. What would you have him do? Acts of resistance or acts of dhimmitude?



Here’s the conference he’ll be attending: From the OIC press release announcing Cumber’s new position:

“The Secretary General invited the US Special Envoy to the 11th OIC Summit to be held in Dakar on 13-14 March 2008. Mr. Sada Cumbers expressed his gratitude to be invited and accepted the invitation.”

And what will that 11th OIC Summit address, with the acquiescence of Mr. Sada Cumber?

Islamic Summit Agenda Focuses on Four Items
The agenda for the upcoming 11th Session of the Islamic Summit Conference to be held in Dakar, Senegal on March 13-14, 2008 will focus on four items:

  • implementation of the OIC Ten-Year Program of Action,
  • adoption of the revised OIC Charter, and
  • two brainstorming sessions on
    • economic cooperation among Member States especially African, and
    • knowledge-sharing among Member States.

Accompanying activities to the Summit include the first NGO and civil society conference by the OIC scheduled for March 7-8, and another conference on science and technology organized by the Senegalese Ministry of Higher Education also on March 7-8. There will also be some exhibitions by the subsidiary, specialized and affiliated institutions of the OIC including an exhibition by the Research Center for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA) of Quran copies, Islamic manuscripts and calligraphy as well as a photograph exhibition of Al-Quds and another exhibition on Senegal. As of to date, 42 Heads of State confirmed their attendance to the Summit.
Official Senegalese Web site

Let’s look a little at that first item – the 10 Year Plan of Action , and for this evening, just Planning Task number VII (but DO come back tomorrow, for there are so many more pernicious 10 Year Actions being Planned here for Mr. Cumber to resist – or to submit to in dhimmitude):

VII. Combating Islamophobia

1. Emphasize the responsibility of the international community, including all governments, to ensure respect for all religions and combat their defamation.

2. Affirm the need to counter Islamophobia, through the establishment of an observatory at the OIC General Secretariat to monitor all forms of Islamophobia, issue an annual report thereon, and ensure cooperation with the relevant Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in order to counter Islamophobia.

3. Endeavor to have the United Nations adopt an international resolution to counter Islamophobia, and call upon all States to enact laws to counter it, including deterrent punishments.

4. Initiate a structured and sustained dialogue in order to project the true values of Islam and empower Muslim countries to help in the war against extremism and terrorism.

So there’s the usual equation – trade a meaningless “dialogue” with Islamic states about “projecting” about “empowering” about “helping” against extremism and terrorism, for real deterrent punishments for Islamophobia (which is the Sharia Law requirement that any criticism of Islam be punished). It’s that equation – sacrifice U.S. citizens’ actual First Amendment rights in return for false promises from Islamic fascists – that Bush, Condi and the Muslim Brotherhood all can agree on.

But will Mr. Cumber do the right thing, or will he submit?

So readers, give your Special Envoy his instructions: Should he support this task for “deterrent punishments” against any criticism of Islam (Islamophobia), and if so, what punishments should Mr. Cumber support to be imposed on us all? Execution, hand-chopping, or just a little prison time and a hefty fine?

Emphasis again: This “Action Plan task” is the imposition of the Sharia Law code requiring punishment for all who criticize Islam, not just in totalitarian Islamic states, but in “all States.” That means the United States for our OIC Special Envoy, Mr. Cumber.

Silence means assent. Silence means submission.

Enjoy Dakar, Mr. Cumber.

We’re going to keep score.



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